9 May


If it’s not confusing enough living in the land of illusions, life has become, well, a grade B Reality TV Show. Yes, it’s true. All the shallow bad acting and bombastic posturing of poor productions made to imitate a form of life that doesn’t really exist has become our daily norm. Reality TV is the ultimate irony because there is nothing real about it. Fake TV is a staged farce that edits out all the boring downtime of our general existence and is cut to make the lives of talentless posers seem much more exciting than they actually are.

Escapism may be the answer for these shows popularity or maybe those in control of our media decided to feed us a steady stream of cheap garbage until, like Pavlov’s dogs, we started to believe this garbage was nourishing instead of some chemically created fast food. We are purposely being trained to not have a clue as to what is real and what is not. But the question still remains: why? Through the media’s controlling eye, none of it makes sense, but there may be an ancient explanation for the confusion. (Cue: Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec God of Illusion.)

As the myth goes, Tezcatlipoca’s brother, Quetzalcoatl (aka the Plumed Serpent), created civilization, but Tezcatlipoca wasn’t buying the hype. He believed that his brothers creation: humans, were nothing more then parasites that would eventually pollute and leave cancerous growths all over his beloved mother, Mother Nature’s body. To protect his mother, Tezcatlipoca, the first environmentalist, cast an illusion over his brother’s creation, with the goal of tricking the gullible humans into destroying themselves. And thus hype was born.

Anxious as we are for the next cheap thrill, we bite into this faux food hoping for a taste of something we can recognize. Once we swallow, it doesn’t take long until we are all dancing the Tezcatli-Polka. Under the spell of this accordion catastrophe, we dance for one more taste of sustenance and assurance that we are better than those “other people,”  the ones who can’t even afford to buy the garbage that Tezcatlipoca’s Hounds of Hell sell.

We have lost control of the ship we call life and Captain Crunch is at the helm steering us right into a vortex of soggy fake cereal. It’s all worked out for us in the brilliant McDonald’s “Master Plan.” As a kid you eat enough chemically enriched Happy Meals to give you Mc-Cancer, then you can go to the Ronald Mcdonald hospital on your journey to the Happy Face Mc-Cementary when you become Mc-Dead. It’s a complete life style designed to deliver the one thing they want from us: Mc-Money.

So, how do we escape Tezcatlipoca’s dancing trap of eminent destruction? Well, it is actually very simple, illusions need believers to exist. If we don’t participate in an illusion it vanishes before our eyes. That’s why Tezcatlipoca has spent so much money convincing us that we have to take part in this grade B Reality TV show, because without our participation, his illusion can’t exist.

But if we do decide to keep participating, the end result will be that we get Mc-F*cked by a clown with a bad hairdo.