21 May


It’s official. The barbarians are no longer at the gate,  they’re already in the men’s room. If you think the front man for this twisted reality show we have manifested from our own subconscious is scary, check out the Christo Fascistas’ bait and switch that’s going on while this carnival caller has your attention. It’s a shell game and the people are the baffled mark, with all our hearts, hanging on to the sleeve of a frayed American Dream.

Here’s the set up: we elected a “Corporate Raider” who sees the USA as a giant corporation ripe and ready to be pillaged and gutted for its booty. Our fearless leader’s problem is he’s not dealing with real estate agents from Queens. Like Nero, the Commander in Chief  is losing his mind from sleep deprivation as his dream of world domination slips through his pudgy little fingers. He tosses and turns, tortured by his nightmare, which is Stephen Colbert. So, he diddles, I mean fiddles, while Rome burns.

The crazy thing is, while this gilded carnival caller was busy conning us he also got played. After decades of being ostracized for just being down right creepy, the Christo Fascistas have made it to the big house without winning the people’s vote or having to storm the gate. It’s a bona fide miracle!!! While a bad Reality Show distracted the country, the fundamentalists hitched a ride on this pussy grabbing old hound, like a flea carrying the plague.

The Fundamentalist Christo Fascistas want the country for even more devious reasons than gutting it for their own personal gain. They believe it is their duty to help bring the impending “End of Days” down upon us all. Seriously, it’s true. Why has no one asked the VP, who wants to create a fundamentalist state and has planned on replacing the president from day one, this big question: does he believe in his own Fundamentalist doctrine of a rapidly approaching End of Days and if he does; where does that leave us in his worldview of our future?

You’ve got to ask yourself, why do the Fundamentalists deny climate change? Could it be because they believe their own prophecy that God is going to destroy the plants and trees before He kills us all, anyway? So why not use them up to make more zeros in their fat bankbooks, which will miraculously be transformed into the Christo Fascistas passports into heaven. This is the one place where a New York Nero and the sexually uptight Christo Fascistas agree. God favors the rich, that’s why he gave them the money.

Let’s pray. As I understand it, one of the basic beliefs that separate Christo Fascistas from modern Christianity is that their brand of Fundamentalism is based on the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations True Christianity is focused on the teachings of a Prince of Peace, virtue and open-hearted forgiveness. I don’t care if you are a farmer in Idaho, a factory worker in Detroit or a liberal in New York, who wants a leader that believes that we are already doomed to hell fire for our sins? Hello, we’re all looking for a little hope these days.

From a purely self-serving “I want to survive” perspective, I’m personally more interested in a leader with knowledge, guts and personal integrity who says that we have a plan to get through these ragging rapids we’re about to ride. Maxine Waters please grab the rudder!

We need a lot more grassroots and REAL Christian women instead of the prefab cooperate ass-kissing nonsense we’ve been sold. Mad Max has been the voice of reason in the middle of chaos many times before. Like her Road Warrior namesake she has ridden the wasteland of the mass illusion making the sidewalks safe for the little guy for years. If you want the bottom-line, listen to this woman. She is sharp as a whip and has never taken any bully’s shit and isn’t about to now. There might be ten thousand phony politicians out there, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few real Max’s even in this twisted Reality Show where our political options resemble the plastic MC and robotic starlets from the Hunger Games.